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Not only was Anna McCaughtry the production designer on this short film, but she also directed it.

A lot of thought went into the shaping of the room, and the decor to be included, both for the early part of the film, where the lead female is down-trodden, and the second part of the film where she has a run of luck, and can therefore do the place up.

Charlie, Dylan & Shelley In The Fish ShopDirector Adjusting Props

Inside The Big FishtankThe Husband & His Mates

Anna was also in charge of wardrobe for this shoot, hand-picking the outifts for each of the characters to wear.

As the fish has a role to play in this film, there was also a requirement for a small tank for the early part of the film, but it had to be of a shape that would make operating the 'fishcam' an easy task, otherwise it wouldn't allow for this kind of shot.

The large tank used for the end of the film was 4ft x 6ft x 2ft, and it weighed a fifth of a tonne once the water was inside it.  Since all of this filming was done in a first floor flat, we were slightly concerned at the weight , but thankfully the downstairs neighbours didn't get a drenching.

Hugh In The Fish ShopBig Fishtank & Sofa In The Renovated Room

Kurt & Camera Loitering In The Renovated RoomOn Set On Monitor

We shot the end of the film first, as it was a nice room, and minimal before we moved in, and this fitted with the look of the room at the end of the film. 

Once we'd shot those scenes, then all hands were on deck to get the set dressed to make it look like their old house.

Side Table & OrnamentsGeneral Old Room Layout

Husband’s Chair, Sofa & BeersOld Hoover