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The 'Gr8 Orbit' shoot was one of the most creatively challenging projects to have worked on.  Brian Philip Davis, the director, wanted what seemed like a simple concept ... paint to be dripped over a naked girl whilst the camera moved in a circle around her.  This proved to be quite a task.

So that a safe and sturdy platform could be provided above both the naked actress & the crew shooting the video, a huge frame had to be built so that it would never be in shot.  And then a way of controlling the pace of the paint needed to be worked out, and over a large area, and using 6 different colours of paint, to drip in different areas, with the black paint covering all areas.  The diagram to the right is the layout we came up with to be able to achieve the shoot.  If you click here you can view the timelapse of the rigging being built in the Panavision studios.

And below are some photos from the shoot.

Tracks & Rigging Layout

After The Black PaintThe Paint Drip Platform

Anna & Timmy Setting Up The SheetsThe Tracks & Rigging

Timmy Ironing The SheetsThe Full SetAll Prepped & Ready To GoAnna, Angus & Glen