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Wellieboot Dude & The Pac-A-Mac Kid

This short film was shot for the 15 Second Film Festival, run by Peter Johnston, sponsored by Stella Artois.

The director, Gawain Morrison, wanted to have a spaghetti western feel to this very tongue-in-cheek little skit

Because it was set on allotments, it was decided that the gun belts should actually be their gardening belts, with various tools hanging from them.  And one of them had cowboy boots, and the other a pair of wellies, which in the opening shots, establishes a comboy twist and a gardener feel.

And then as it was a spaghetti western, they needed guns ... so we gave them water pistols.

All of these helped with the comedy aspect of the short.

John Hat & Poncho

George & Indian outfit

John Gardening Belt & Poncho

Cowboys Gunfight

Charlie Hat & Cigar

Charlie & Watergun