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Wild Rover Productions


Fat Suit

Fat Suit Rolling Down Hill

Post Box Being Built

Gorilla Box

Fat Suit Testing

Post Box In The Street

Radioactive Containers

Scarecrow & Stall


Wild Rover has had succesful BBC commissions over 6 seasons with their adaptation of the Candian 'Candid Camera' style gags programme 'Just For Laughs'.  Anna McCaughtry was the Production Designer & Art Director for Series 4.

It is a large task for the art department to make sure there are props, costumes, special effects, set design & stunt paraphernalia [including cars & ambulances], ready for at least 3 gags per day, with stand-by rain-cover gags ready to go should the weather be against the shoot.

It was a military style setup, with a massive hall for storage & creation, and Anna heading up the production design team.  There was regular liasing with set building companies, stuntmen, car specialists, and various materials manufacturers.