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Ship Float

A group called The Beat Initiative run the Belfast Carnival, and provide the floats, costumes & carnival vibe to other groups & carnivals that take place at different times of year, in N.Ireland.  Anna works with a group of people who come in to help shape the look and feel of each year's carnivals.  Above are a selection of the pieces that she either made or assisted in creating.

Cross-Section Sketch Of CamelCross-Section Sketch Of Flying CarpetFinished Camel SketchFinished Flying Carpet SketchDan In His CamelDan’s CamelCamel HeadDan In His Camel On Stage As Aladdin

Anna has also created costumes and props for theatre and events.  Some of these pictures show the preliminary sketches for the camels & flying carpets that were made for the Christmas show of Aladdin, at the Waterfront, Belfast.