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Arm Break - Bone ProtrudingArm Break - Bone Protruding CloseupArm Break With Blood Spurt - On Set

Arm Break With Blood-Filled Syringe & TubingSetting Up Chopped Finger ShotSetting Up Chopped Finger Shot

The Chopped FingerMoulding The Broken Arm & BoneMoulding The Broken Arm & Bone With Tubing


There were two scenes in this film that required blood special fx, one where he had fallen from a set of ladders and broken his arm, and once where he had severed the top from his finger whilst cutting some wires.

In both instances Anna moulded the bits of bone, then shaped the skin around where the bone was to stick out of the finger or arm.  During this the tubing for the blood was inserted, and a large syringe of blood [because we wanted a lot of blood squirt] was attached to the other end.

As this was a film that was being edited 'in-can' and we only got one shot at it, it wasn't suitable to test, so it was fingers crossed for it to work.  But it worked superbly, and gave us all a lot of satisfaction to do.