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Anna McCaughtry's fine art background has allowed her the opportunity to learn many new skills in the name of art, and she has shown her pieces in group & individual exhibitions around Ireland.

She is skilled in woodwork, bronze casting, rubber moulding, plastics, clothing, ceramics, vehicle conversion and human hair.  She creates installation pieces, as well as sculpture, and has won many awards for her work, in Ireland & in Europe.

The images below will provide a sample of the various artwork that she has created, and a clear insight to the huge skill that she has for all things design.  Just click on an image to see a larger version.

Ammonite Vessel

Anna & Betty

Clarendon Dock Rubber Ear Dress

Feet & Brush

Santa Rosada & Her Mobile Van

Human Hair Dress

Human Hair Dress

Head Bag

In Defiance Of The Ageing Process Closeup

In Defiance Of The Ageing Process Closeup

In Defiance Of The Ageing Process

Lump Vs The Chair

Scary Doll 01

Scary Doll 02

Scary Twins

Santa Rosada Dolls

Multiple Choice Exhibition

Spiky Vessel

Want It Can’t Have It

Lump Vs The Chair

Deep In Thought

Bed of Ears

Ears In Jars

Anna’s Bigstar Billboard - Berlin