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Tirana. A capital city. Young people are getting ready to go out, it’s Friday night and people are milling about, in cafés and bars, enjoying themselves. This could be anywhere. Then suddenly everything all lights are out, everywhere – it’s another power cut and the city is plunged into darkness.

”Sometimes I think it’s a pity we’re such a stable country“, says the articulate Albanian EU consultant to us. ”We’re like the quiet kid in the kindergarten, who cause no problems, the one no one pays any attention to.“


But this documentary wants to pay attention. Duam Drita - We Want Light is a portrait of young Albanians in search of their roots, torn between old and new. A portrait of people forgotten by the west – a country plagued by power cuts, labelled a ‘Muslim country’ by President Bush (presumably why he came to visit), yet still a European country – and a country that, at least for now, truly wants to be part of EU. Elsewhere in the world people destroy the bridges between society and religion; in Albania the bridges still exist. For now. And the religious puzzle of the once Communist Albania is one that might be of inspiration elsewhere.

The stylised documentary Duam Drita will tell the story of two Albanian men. One man is religious, a Baba of the mystical Bektashi religion [a branch of Islam] who lives in the countryside, the other is an urban man, a non-believer from a mixed religious background; his father is Sunni Muslim and his mother an Orthodox Christian. We follow the lives of both men during a year as they each prepare (or not) for the annual pilgrimage to Mount Tomor. One man goes because he believes. The other man goes because he is curious. On the breathtaking mountain of Tomor the two journeys come together. Can religious harmony truly exist?


This is a story about the quiet kids in the kindergarten, about a young Baba and his non-religious counterpart, about a country where new hotels (empty for now, but ready for the expected hordes of tourists) spring up by the minute, a country that was Communist and ‘minded its own business’ for so long it fell off the news radar completely and – not least - a country of astonishing beauty; hovering on the edge between the East and the West. Duam Drita – We Want Light.


Running Time : 90minutes

Writer : Line Langebek

Director : Vincent Hazard

Producer : Celine Loiseau [TS Productions, Paris], Gawain Morrison [Seamless Productions, Belfast]




This trailer is cut from footage shot on our trips to Albania during 2007.  It's two central characters are Boiken Abazi & Baba Hysni who we will be following for the duration of the feature.

This clip is a 22Mb quicktime file so please be patient whilst it streams.

1 Duam Drita

Photos courtesy of Anna McCaughtry.