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A deliciously wicked musical about converting the masses to the message of drag!




A drag queen leaves a club and decides to walk home.  Whilst staggering and singing through the streets, shell-suited creatures slither out of the darkness and surround her. 


As she thinks all is lost she manages to signal for help, and it comes in the form of 'sooper-dooper-drag-queens'.  A Grease/Michael Jackson 'Bad' style dance-off ensues with the drag queens beating up the 'chavs'. 


The leader of the chavs is captured and converted, with the rest of the chavs looking on.  One by one they fall under the drag queens spell, and eventually the whole community is singing about the 'Lipstick of Peace'.


Further Reading ::


Lipstick-Of-Peace-5th-Draft.pdf :: the latest draft of a series of scenes : feature script to be developed from here


Lipstick-Of-Peace-Directors-Intent.pdf :: a description of the Director's intent for this film


Lipstick-Of-Peace-Synopsis.pdf :: a synopsis of the film


Lipstick-Of-Peace-Further-Development.pdf :: a small paragraph on the future development of this project



Born in Belfast, composer Brian Irvine went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Surrey University and University of Ulster. His music reflects an obsessive interest in opposing musical genres from punk, contemporary classical and jazz. His huge body of work includes solo, ensemble, orchestral, jazz, opera, electronica as well as theatre music and film scores.

"Exhilarating stuff... Brian Irvine's body of work is an example of the musical treasures half hidden in the cracks between the categories... smart music in a culture that often over rewards the dumb and/or the well connected" (The Guardian)

"Brians musical mind is a microcosm of huge energy and chaos, intricately engineered to blow your head off!" (BBC Magazine)

To read more about Brian & his work, or view some of his music videos go to



Friends & family donned outifts in the name of good fun and took part in two photo-shoots, over two weekends.  One of them was our CHAV SHOOT, and one  was our TRANNY SHOOT.  Below are the photos so that you can get an idea of the look & style that we hope to bring to the screen.

Helen Sloan, professional photographer and cabaret ringleader, was our photographer, and she has worked genius into the shots, capturing the characters in their entirety.  You can see some of her other work at www.munkeybiter.com.

01 Spides On The Piss

15 Smoking Chav

27 All Aboard

Photos courtesy of Helen Sloan