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That Straight 8 time of year again ... this year I had even less time to prepare than in previous year's so I had to get a wee bit creative.  I didn't have time to work with actors, or to spend time with a crew, but I wanted to make something a bit more precise, so I decided on the concept that machines have become addicted to sugar, and as a result the human race has been wiped out, and now all that is left are sugar-addled machines.

That meant that I could shoot the film in my own time, with my own props & lighting, and actually get hands on with the Super 8 camera, which is half the buzz anyway .. listening to the whirr of the motor as you cruise ever closer to the end of that roll.

I decided to go with the black & white film this year, rather than the colour just because it was an option that hadn't been offered before, and also because I thought it would lend itself well to the film.

I took photos with the digital camera of every shot that I took with the 8mm camera, and made a note of how long each shot was [in seconds].  I then had a record of them all, and then placed them in a timeline in Premiere & cut a version to do the soundtrack to.

And then used a combination of electronic sounds & a computer voice to create the audio accompaniment.

The guys at Straight 8 recently informed me that it had been selected for 'Straight 8 Art', and that the selections for that category would be screened in Brick Lane, London some time during the summer.  Dead chuffed & looking forward to it.

This bit of film is made up of stills that I took placed on the timeline with the final audio.  After the screenings when we get our copy I'll post it up .. hope it looks something like this one. [5Mb]