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This year is the 4th year that the UK Film Council & NI Screen have funded digital shorts scheme called DEVIATE.

REDRAY FILMS, based in Dongaghadee, run by Villi Ragnarsson & Maeve Mc Adam, have taken on this year's Deviate productions.  They have taken the scheme from the submission of ideas, through the development stages to production.  4 films were selected from the development process to be funded for production.  These 4 films were 'Chains' directed by Alanna Riddell, 'Happy As Larry' directed by Brian Philip Davis, 'Lonely Hearts Interrupted' by Tanya Andrews and 'Rip & The Preacher' directed by Micheal Lennox.

Two of Seamless Productions staff were hired for the duration of the productions, Anna Mc Caughtry as production designer & head of wardrobe, and Gawain Morrison as production manger and 1st AD.

It was decided that the best course of action was to hire one crew to work across all 4 films, and to shoot them all back to back.  A nice idea in essence, but perhaps next time we should allow ourselves one day between each production to allow for turnaround times & derig.  But all in all a very succesful series of shoots, and everyone worked super hard to get everything in the can & the result is a high level of production value across all 4 films.

We're presently at rough cut stage for the films, and they're lookng great, a credit to all who worked on them.  And with delivery taking place in August 2008 we hope to follow fairly soon after that with screenings in Belfast.  For more information on the films click on the Deviate logo to the left to go through to the official website, and make sure to check out films from other years as well.

Look out festivals ... here come some corkers.


A day in the life of Joanne, a little girl obsessed with Houdini and perfecting the ultimate escape.



Joanne is an eight year old with one driving passion in life to perfect the ultimate Houdini-esk trick. A bright and imaginative loner struggling to come to terms with a neglectful and uninterested mother, Joanne’s every waking moment is consumed with practising escapology at any opportunity. Despite the fact that her escape attempts are frequently unsuccessful, Joanne is confident that given a little time and constant training she will be able to perform a daring attempt that would make even Houdini proud.

Alanna Riddell wrote & directed this film.  Amber O'Doherty starred as Joanne, and pulled off a great performance, with all of the children taking part coming from one amateur drama group in Derry, run by Sandra Biddle.  Quite amazing work she is doing as they all had a professional attitude and genuine passion for acting, even though they ranged between 7 and 9 years of age.

Click here for the final shooting script for CHAINS.



When Larry is officially named the Happiest Man in the World, he has no idea the effect that fame will have on his life.



When a five year search for the happiest person on earth thrusts Larry from Belfast into the spotlight, he becomes the planet’s newest superstar. His face is splashed across newspapers, magazines and cheesy merchandise, and soon millions of people are measuring their happiness in relation to his, to see if they can become as happy as Larry. But fame brings new temptations: soon Larry’s job, love and life are under threat. As the media reports every move and mistake he makes, he struggles to stop things spiralling out of control. Is there a happy ending for the world’s happiest man?

Dave Kinghan wrote Happy As Larry, and Brian Philip Davis directed.  Ruari Tohill & Bronagh Taggart played the lead roles, with other local actors such as Emma Little, Alan Gildea, Geoff Gatt, Helen Lara Murphy & Richard Parkin lending their clout to create a fantasticly cinematic film.

Click here for the final shooting script for HAPPY AS LARRY.

To see more of Brian's work please go to www.brianphilipdavis.com


Beth's morose outlook on her newly-divorced life is interrupted by a blackout that forces an introduction to her slightly 'off-centred' next door neighbour.


As Beth deals with the soul-destroying pain of her recent marriage breakdown, she finds herself drawn to her next door neighbour Herb, a slightly balmy old man who lives with his taxidermy-stuffed best friend: his dog Benny. An unlikely friendship begins to take root between them, however with fresh heartbreak comes reactive behaviour and Beth inadvertently severs one of the most honest connections she had found in recent years.

Tanya Andrews wrote & directed the short film LONELY HEARTS INTERRUPTED, with Eileen McCloskey & Paddy Scully taking the lead roles. 

Click here for the final shooting script for LONELY HEARTS INTERRUPTED.




A street preacher is challenged to put his faith to the ultimate test by an angry young atheist.



Furious after listening to the priest at his dad’s funeral spouting the usual rhetoric and half truths about the deceased, Rip storms off for a drink with his mate. On route to the bar he is confronted by a zealous street preacher who pushes Rip to the brink. The preachers faith is put to the ultimate test.


Mark Jordan wrote RIP & THE PREACHER, from a mixture of similar experience and skilled writing, whilst Michael Lennox directed what is an intense short film from start to finish.  Fantastic performances from Gerard McSorley, Jonathan Harden & Paul Kennedy, along with great effort from the crew, and some hardcore child-wrangling have provided a stunning piece of film.

Click here for the final shooting script for RIP & THE PREACHER