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Photos courtesy of Anna McCaughtry

Belfast Festival @ Queens had a last minute request from the David Lynch Foundation.  It came through the Transcendental Meditation Society in Belfast, and was an opportunity to see 2 legends in the one building ... and how often are you going to be in the same room as Donovan or David Lynch, much less with both of them at one time.

It was one of the most pleasantly strange crowds to spend an afternoon with ... it was made up of film buffs, who were there in the hope of hearing some gem of film wisdom from David Lynch; hippies, both old and new, who had to come to hear a 20th Century icon sing of brighter more hopeful times; and the Transcendental Mediatation society who had to pinch themselves that such an event was taking place in Belfast, and that they were able to stand up with strength in numbers and a hope that  this could change a few things about town.

We were asked if we would film & photo document it for the TM Society, both at the talk & gig and also at the book signing afterwards. 

If you want to find out any more about David Lynch Foundation, TM, Belfast Festival @ Queens, David Lynch or Donovan, then just click on the links.