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The story goes that when the Japanese motorbike manufacturers heard about these lads in N.Ireland who could build bikes that went faster on the roads than anyone else they stepped on the plane and came to watch them. 

The story of the Armoy Armada is the stuff of the Wild West, with a healthy dollop of Norn Iron.

One of the greatest road racers of all time came from Armoy, and the squad of lads that he rode with made up the Armoy Armada.

This is Northern Irish history at it's best.  Awakin Ltd along with Fixel & Pixel Journey have created an interactive GPS experience for the group that spawned one of Northern Ireland's greatest sportsmen.

Check out the website www.armoyarmada.com and if you're ever in the area of Armoy go and try out the interactive handheld device which gives you the tour as you reach each location.

An important part of the creative process for the folks at Awakin was that Northern Irish talent should be involved to assist in telling a Northern Irish story.  So Awakin approached us at Red Label Records and asked us to create an opening track & a background score for the video clips.

We worked with two different generations with two different styles of music, but both of which compliment the videos perfectly.

Belfast-based indie/rock band The Cutaways have been rocking the local music scene for a while now with their raw stage presence & energy, and we thought this would be perfect to accompany road racing.  They had already completed a track, which they then allowed us to butcher to create a much shorter version of the original song.  You can check out the finished version for the videos below, and please go and check them out if they are playing anywhere near you because they are brilliant.  www.myspace.com/cutaways


Sean Smyth is one of Newry's finest guitar players, playing all sorts of stringed guitars, one of his favourite being the dobro.  This is what he used to play the accompanying music that you hear in the clips.  It has a melancholic sound to it, but a sound that you could get lost in.  A privilege to have worked with him.

These are the audio clips that were produced.


"I can only say I feel proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside the folks at Awakin Ltd because this is one of the most beautiful websites I've seen in a long time, as well as being super-usable, full of interesting content, and I've been lucky enough to play a small part in it's creation." Gawain Morrison, Seamless Productions

Gawain Morrison was brought in to Awakin to project manage & assist in production of the moving image content generated for this website.  The stunning interface is created by Will-Wellesley Davis, who owns & runs Fixel, based in Bristol, the narration is provided by Sarah Travers, of BBC NI, and many contributors have given their time & stories to create this wondeful website.

It goes live soon, so please check it out at www.titanicisland.tv

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