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Directed by Brian Philip Davis

2 different shooting days, in 2 different locations.  The TV studio with the 'Happyometer' was on the first day, and we needed a large group of extras to pose as photographers, journalists, and happyometer staff, so this obviously meant a load of cameras with flashes, microphones, pads, pens etc, and the Happyometere stff in their lab coats. We also had the film premiere and the roof scene on this day.  The roof scene required Big Rory the Bronagh-thrower to help us cheat the falling off the roof scene by flicking her over onto a crash matt.

The 2nd day of shooting included all of the flat scenes, with small TV, big TV, all the photos for the walls that were replaced as the film progressed, and Larry's implosion into a dirty flat.

1950s Advert