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There were 2 main sets to dress, one green screen series of shots and one rooftop to prep for the falling stunt.  The two main sets were the TV Studio and the couple's apartment.

The aim of the TV Studio set was to look fairly basic & cheesey, but with one main prop, the Happyometer, to be the centre piece of the stage.

The apartment had to go through some small transitions during the film, with old photographs being replaced with new ones, and the small TV to be replaced with a larger one, so as to show the characters gaining wealth.

The green screen shots were for the advertising montage, where Kate & Larry do a series of adverts for different products, all of which were basically costumes & props in front of the green screen.

The roof shot required a small stunt where we faked the fall of Kate, and we used a crash matt, and big strapping Rory who gently threw Bronagh over and on to the crash matt.

1950s Advert