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Directed by Bert James


The Belfast-based production company Streetmonkey were commissioned to shoot an advert for the fire service to create a visual representation of the result of a car crash and the things it can break & mush.  Watermelons through to wood breaking were used as visual metaphors for the disastrous consequences of a high speed car crash.

Panavision Studios were used as the location for building the set for this ad.  Anna & her team built a raised platform with breezeblocks & concrete slabs, which took the 'splat' area high enough for the camera to be an an optimum height for recording.  Then Sharon McBride moved up and down in a hydraulic lift to get the height required to drop the various props from.  A series of black drapes were placed around the shooting area to control the amount of material that was distributed on contact with the slabs.

A wide range of props were dropped from watermelons to fizzy drink cans, from light bulbs to vase full of flowers, and using a high-frame rate camera the detail of each of the impacts was captured in all of it's intricate glory.  The end result being hugely effective.

Tin Can Being Crushed