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George Dubbyah had never left the United States Of Amoeba, and it was his duty to come and kick some ass ... But it needed to be somewhere that was safe, coz he didn't want to actually have to fight ... That's someone else's job.


He said he was gonna take on the baddies, in the name of God, and everyone else on the planet, and if you weren't with him, you were obviously a terrorist.


In a strange turn of events, that smacks of sucking his brain out with a straw, Tony 'The Tiger' Blair decides he's gonna hook up for tea and scones with Georgey, after donning his finest sheriff's star and snakeskin boots.


Where is this finest of meetings to take place?  Ahhh, Hillsborough, N.Ireland ... Just outside of Belfast. Some might think that a country that has just come out of 30 years of fighting would probably want to distance itself firstly from the thought of war, and secondly might be able to point out a few first-hand experiences that might suggest it's probably not the best move to head into Iraq.  But hell it's the George & Tony show, and who wouldn't want to make them cucumber sarnies, and dig out the finest crockery.


So we decided to break out the Pink Tank, and welcome the guys to our shores in true style.


We drove from the city centre to Hillsborough in our Pink Tank, having been stopped by the police, and then waved on with best wishes ... we did a driveby of all the news reporter stands, saluting and welcoming them to our country, CNN, Fox, a japanese channel, BBC, Reuters, amongst others ... we journeyed until we could go as far as we could go, and parked up beside the

120 riot police ... Who smiled and nodded as we saluted them, with the soundtrack to Full Metal Jacket pumping from the sound system ... And then

joined the thousands of people who had turned out to protest not only against the war, but against the use of our country, who did not support war, for their meeting.


Thanks George.  Thanks Tony.