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The process of SENSATION consists of two overlapping stages, reception of the signal and interpretation of the signal.  The initial reception stage is the physical interaction with the environment.  The resulting stimulation of the appropriate part of the nervous system causes a message to be sent to the brain, which then processes the information it receives, incorporating stored experiences, in the process called PERCEPTION.


Both hearing & vision involve signals that are waves, and therefore have a close affinity.  Sound is produced by objects vibrating, and can produce physical effects, emotional reactions and visual imagery as a result. 


The visual world is the richest and most complex of all our sensory environments.  A large proportion of our brain is dedicated to the

processing of visual information.


The processing and perception of these audio vibrations, and the resulting visual imagery created, are the focus of this project.


Seamless Productions have commissioned artists, from Red Label Records, to produce 4 pieces of bespoke music specific to 'Jukeboxes & Triggers'.


These pieces of audio will be the 'Jukebox' element of the project, where the pieces of music are played out to the animator/director.

The 'Triggers' are the processes of perception that result from theanimators & directors listening to the piece of audio, and the visual

elements are then created.


The animators & directors have listened to 'tasters' of this music, and have developed their ideas around the bones of the pieces of music.   Both the animators/directors & the musicians will collaborate further on the advancement of the end piece.


The animators/directors for this project are Anna Fitzsimmons & Richard Davis [Chewie Films], Brian Philip Davis, David Haughey, and Gareth Morrison & Daryl Campbell.